Acta Cytobiologica et Morphologica Volume 1

This journal contain 10 articles by 18 authors from Bulgaria, France, USSR, Poland, Israel, USA and Austria.

Table of Contents

A. A. Hadjiolov (1989). Towards the frontiers of modern biology (Preface). Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 1, 3-4.
E. Zaprianova (1989). Neuronal-glial cooperation in the production of myelin phospholipid. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 1, 5-11.
M. Christova-Grekova (1989). Central nervous system myelination in vitro. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 1, 12-23.
F. Lachapelle, A. Gansmuller, M. Baulac, Baron A. van Evercooren, N. Baumann, M.Gumpel (1989). Transplantations of olygodendrocytes in the CNS. Acta CytobiologicaEt Morphologica, 1, 24-30.
O. Sotnikov, V. Mayorov, O. Honny (1989). Reactive recombination of myelin nervous fibres in the process of normal myelination. (Hypothesis on the further development of myelination mechanism). Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 1, 31-40.
M. Wender (1989). Myelin-associated glycoprotein in myelinogenesis and demyelinating processes. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 1, 41-46.
M. Wolman (1989). The role of proteins in demyelinating processes. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 1, 47-59.
M. Lees (1989). Proteolipid protein: Chemistry and role in demyelinating disorders. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 1, 60-67.
H. Lassmann, Ch. Brunner (1989). Models of chronic experimental allergic encephalomyelitis. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 1, 68-81.

Book review

A. Stoykova (1989). Glial-Neuronal Communication in Development and Regeneration. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 1, 82-84.