Acta Cytobiologica et Morphologica Volume 2

This journal contain 17 articles by 24 authors from Bulgaria.

Table of Contents

Y. Yordanov (1992). Condition and directions in the advance of the anthropological investigations in Bulgaria (Preface). Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 3-7.
N. Kondova, S. Cholakov (1992). Paleodemographic and paleopathologic data of late antique population of Augusta Trayana. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 8-16.
A. Nacheva (1992). A new approach for assessment of asymmetry in paleoanthropological material. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 17-23.
L. Kavgazova, Zl. Filcheva(1992). Anthropological data about the population from the West Rhodopes. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 24-30.
Y. Yordanov, Br. Dimitrova (1992). Differences and degree of identity between certain face dimensions. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 31-36.
V. Lilova, S. Tornjova-Randelova (1992). Movement of the hand in persons of both sexes during 21-30 years of age. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 37-40.
A. Nacheva, A. Zhelezarov (1992). An attempt to determine the professional differentiation in anthropometric characteristics of various groups of workers. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 41-46.
E. Lazarova, A. Nacheva (1992). Age changes in weight and skinfolds in women, aged from 21 to 30. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 47-51.
M. Nikolova, S. Moutafov, I. Petrov (1992). Age alterations in foot mobility during the puberty. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 52-56.
L. Tzacheva, D. Paskova-Topalova (1992). High multiple births in Bulgaria. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 57-62.

Cell biology

Tz. Mihova, D. Nikolova, I. Goranov (1992). Immunomodulating influence of cyclophosphamide and biocarbazine on antitumour immunity of hybridoma bearing mice. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 63-68.
Tz. Mihova, D. Nikolova, I. Goranov, M. Bratanov (1992). Immune response inhibition in mice bearing sarcoma 180 Crocker, plasmocytoma Sp-2/0 Ag 14 or hybridoma. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 69-73.
Ch. Atanassov (1992). Seasonal fluctuations of the humoral immune response in the tortoise (Testudo graeca Pall.). Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 74-77.
M. Bogoeva, D. Venkova (1992). Cell proliferation kinetics of mouse ascites tumour AISM after treatment with chalone containing tumour extract (CCTE) in itro. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 78-81.

Book and journal reviews

L. Tzatcheva (1992). Epigenetic Variants of the Human Skull. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 82.
E. Zvetkova (1992). Assen Ivanov Hadjioloff — Biobibliography. Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 83-84.
N. Kondova, D. Paskova-Topalova (1992). Review of Homo (vol.41, 1990, No 1). Acta Cytobiologica Et Morphologica, 2, 85-86.