Acta Morphologica et Anthropologica Volume 31 (1-2)


Table of Contents


Original Articles

K. Schilling (2024). The GABAergic and Mixed GABAergic/glycinergic Neurons of the
Murine Cerebellar Nuclei: What the Genes Tell Us. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 5-17. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.01

S. Rink-Notzon, J. Reuscher, L. Wollny, S. Pavlov, L. Sarikcioglu, D. N. Angelov, M.
Manthou (2024).
CFunctional, Structural and Molecular Analyses Indicate that Injections
of Trophic Factors into the Paralyzed Whiskerpad Muscles after Facial Nerve Injury Improve Vibrissal Motor Performance in Rats. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 18-34. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.02

A. Ivanov, D. Atanasova, N. Lazarov (2024). Neuronal Types in the Rat Spinal Trigeminal
Nucleus. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 35-42. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.03

A. Gradev, P. Rashev, V. Iliev, A. Dandov (2024). Adolescent Corticotropin Releasing
Hormone Neuroplasticity in the Rat Bed Nucleus of Stria Terminalis. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 43-49. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.04

K. A. Iteire, G. T. Judah, A. O. Victory, B. Ogunlade, D. A. Blessing (2024). Phyllanthus
Amarus Mitigates against Potassium Dichromate-Induced Locomotion, Posture,
and Coordination Impairment in Male Wistar Rats. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 50-70. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.05

N. Penkova, P. Atanassova, I. Yankov, V. Yankova, P. Hrischev (2024). Gastric Mucosal
Mast Cell Activity in Children on Longitudinal Enteral Feeding with Percutaneous
Endoscopic Gastrostomy, PEG. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 71-78. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.06

I. Ivanova, I. Stefanov, V. Pilicheva (2024). Mast Cells in Rat Pulmonary Pleura. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 79-85. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.07

N. Pirovski, D. Atanasova, I. Ivanova, S. Hamza, N. Dimitrov (2024). Morphological Study
of the Tongue during Acupuncture. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 86-93. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.08

S. Dalga, K. Aslan, S. K. Taşçı, D. Ermutlu, S. İ. Aksu (2024). Morphometric and Histological Structure of Bulbus Oculi in Goats. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 94-108. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.09

Z. Harizanova F. Popova, P. Atanassova, S. Novakov, Y. Koeva, N. Penkova (2024). Virtual Microscopy versus Light Microscopy in Histological Education due to Covid 19- Pandemic. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 109-117. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.10

Review Articles

E. Marani (2024). History of the Red Nucleus, its Tracts and Species Evolutionary Choice. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 118-134. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.11

Anthropology and Anatomy

Original Articles

K. Akabalieva, A. Beshkov, V. Kotetarov, V. Akabaliev, S. Sivkov (2024). Abnormal Hemispheric Lateralization as a Marker for the Neurodevelopmental Origin of Schizophrenia. Gender Impact Insights. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 135-143. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.12

M. Angelova, D. Marinova (2024). Anatomical Variations of the Articular Surfaces of the Calcaneus among Bulgarian Population. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 144-149. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.13

D. P. Aricatt, A. J. Mathew, B. Joseph (2024). Morphological Variations of Umbilical Cord of Full-Term Foetuses – Correlation with Maternal and Newborn Parameters. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 150-157. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.14

V. Ivanov, M. Angelova, D. Marinova (2024). Superficial Brachial Artery Continuing into the Forearm as a Radial Artery: Case Report. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 158-161. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.15

M. A. Sacco, F. M. Galassi, E. Varotto, P. Ricci, I. Aquila (2024). The Titan SubmersibleTtragedy: Physiopathology of the Death Mechanism and the Necessity of Prevention for Deep Sea Explorations: Case Report. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 162-165. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.16

I. Ruzhanova-Gospodinova, G. I. Georgiev (2024). Anatomical Features Related to the Locomotion of the Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) Zeugopodium. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 166-175. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.17

M. Panayotova-Pencheva, K. Todorova (2024). Trichuriasis in Zoo-Keeping Hamadryas Baboons (Papio hamadryas): Case Report and Pathomorphological Findings. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 176-185. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.18

Review Articles

T. Colak, H. Gurbuz, O. Odabas (2024). Esthetic Anatomy of Hands in Medicine and Art. Acta Morphologica Et Anthropologica31(1-2), 186-198. doi:10.7546/AMA.31.1-2.2024.19